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    Eco-friendly advanced tech corporation
    STI Environmental Business

  • STI Co., LTD, established in 1989, is a global small giants company that pursues the best technology in 4 business fields: Optical fiber preform manufacturing, electric furnace, electric kiln, and environmental business.

    In Environmental business has commercialized innovative technology through joint development with the National Institute of Animal Science, research institutes, and domestic universities such as Jeonbuk University and Sunchon University to efficiently treat livestock infected with AI, foot-and-mouth disease, ASF, CWD etc.

    We are an advanced technology company that contributes to the animal disease control and welfare industry by supplying disinfection equipment for humans, euthanasia equipment, and carcasses disposal equipment for humanitarian treatment of infected animals, to the stock farms, animal hospitals and research institutes of livestock, etc.

STI Environmental business is promoting eco-friendly, animal welfare, disinfection, and recycling business.
Through an organic combination of each business, we are contributing to the environmental improvement and strengthening the competitiveness of farms by the fields to the animal welfare and animal disease control businesses, as well as the establishment of carcass disposal and resource recycling system.