STI in Daegu, COVID-19 Sterilizer makes inroads into Global Markets

admin 2021-01-22
Inactivate virus by exposing to heat waves at 80 degrees for 30 seconds,
Like dry sauna, without worrying about chemicals and easy to maintain,
Export to France, Portugal, and Indonesia etc. 
대구 성서5차산업단지 소재 광섬유소재제조사 STI 직원들이 자사에서 개발한 코로나19 방역용 대인소독기를 통과하기 위해 줄을 서 있다. 매일신문DB

The COVID-19 Sterilizer which was developed by STI, the manufacturer of optical fiber preform located in Daegu, is booming in Global Market. It is a product that improved efficiency, reliability, and convenience by exposing heat waves at 80 degrees for 30 seconds. 
This company has remodeled the sterilizer, which was initially developed for disinfection equipment of ASF, to fit in features of COVID-19 last February. STI has used it for self-prevention purpose, and it led to the sales as it attracted more interests.

Maeil News | Journalist Yoon-ki Kim