alkaline hydrolysis system

Carcass disposal equipment




Model name ESL-1000
Application Large animal
Capacity(the number of animals) Chicken435 / Duck198 / Swine6
Equipment standard(mm) 3,100 X 2,160 X 3,000
Chamber size(mm) 1,600 X 1,027 X 900
Processing time(hr) 8
Temperature(℃) < 100
Electricity(kW) 경유 / -
Voltage(V) 220

* Calculation Criteria : Chicken 1.6kg / Duck 3.5kg / Swine 115kg

  • Complete sterilization with alkaline hydrolysis system
  • Odour-free technology
  • Made of stainless steel for enhanced durability
  • Easy manipulation with automatic system

Alkaline hydrolysis system

Eco-friendly disposal of animal carcass (odour-free)

  • Alkaline hydrolysis system
    • Alkaline hydrolysis system can completely sterilize livestock carcass, and it is possible to separate the bones without any secondary treatment, which are effective resources.
    • Alkaline hydrolysis is a safe method that can sterilize not only pathogenic bacterium but also prion such as BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), as well as it can prevent from spreading diseases.
    • Alkaline hydrolysis system can quickly decompose animal carcasses which prevent pollution and odors from the carcass also it contributes improvement of the farming environment.
  • Abroad case
  • Abroad case

    • Carcass Disposal : A Comprehensive Review, 2004
    • Guidelines on tissue infectivity distridution in transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, 2010, WHO
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Purchasing procedures

  • In the case of government-support projects, there are differences by local government. (For details, please inquire with the municipal animal husbandry department or STI Co., Ltd head office.)
  • If you are purchasing equipment with government-support projects, the related documents will be prepared by STI Co., Ltd head office.
  • Delivery is carried out directly from our head office, and perform basic operational tests on the installation site.
  • Before the equipment is delivered, pre-inspection in the installation site will be proceed (electricity, installation location, water supply, drainage, etc.).
  • We provide nationwide delivery as well as equipment 1 year warranty
  • We have product display hall in our main office