Euthanasia equipment for abandoned, companion and experimental animals



Capacity(mm) Processing time(min) treatable animal treatment method
550 X 600 X 690 15 small animals
(dogs, cats, rats etc)
Nitrogen bubble euthanasia

Technology comparison

Classification Nitrogen(N2) Gas Bubbles Carbon dioxide (CO2) Gas
Required goods N2 Gas, bubbles, euthanasia equipment CO2 Gas
Euthanasia Suffocation/hypoxia suffocation/hypercapnia+hypoxia
Animal suffering Gradual euthanasia without any pain Causing pain when exposed due to mucosal stimulation by subacidity
Suffocation with pain due to no loss of consciousness
Safety of work Securing work safety high work riskiness
Concentration of euthanasia Above 95% Above 60~70%
Work space Open work space A sealed space required
  • The only nitrogen bubble technology in Korea
  • Automation system gives user convenience
  • Minimize worker's post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Saving work time and ensuring worker safety

Animal euthanasia using
technology of nitrogen bubble

Humanitarian euthanasia methods to minimize animals suffering

Animal euthanasia using technology of nitrogen bubble
  • Euthanasia within 1 minute without any pain is available after loss of conscience by non-stimulated nitrogen, and it prevents suffering and fear-induced factors of animals by blocking eyesight width bubbles.
  • It minimizes gas consumption and costs by using minimal bubbles in an open space rather than a sealed space.
  • The nitrogen foam euthanasia system is not exposed during the process, so it minimizes the occurrence of post-traumatic stress disorder to the worker.
Abroad case

Abroad case

  • Wageningen UR Livestock Research(Report 399, October 2010)
  •, 2014, 33(1), 303-310
  • step1.구매희망(구매문의)-step 2.상담-step3.견적요청-step4.미팅 및 설치 현장방문-step5.계약-step6.배송 및 설치
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