alkaline hydrolysis system

Animal euthanasia system



Euthanasia equipment for abandoned, companion and experimental animals

Equipment specification

Chamber size(mm) Processing time(min) Species suitability
550 X 600 X 690 10 Small animals
(dogs, cats, rats, etc.)

Agents and methods of euthanasia

Agent Nitrogen Carbon dioxide
Classification Hypoxia Respiratory acidosis and produces a reversible anesthetic state followed by hypoxia attributable to depression of vital centers
Mode of action Reduces partial pressure of oxygen available to blood Direct depression of cerebral cortex, subcortical structures, and vital centers; direct depression of heart muscle
Rapidity Rapid Moderately rapid, depending on protocol
Safety for personnel Safe if used with ventilation Minimal hazard
Euthanasia concentration 95% or more 60~70% or more
Ease of performance Rapid filling with open area Need appropriate equipment, closed container, gas source, and once protocol are established
  • The only nitrogen bubble utilization technology in Korea
  • Automation system gives user convenience
  • Minimize worker's post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Saving work time and ensuring worker safety

Animal euthanasia using nitrogen form

Humanitarian euthanasia methods to minimize animals suffer

  • Animal euthanasia using nitrogen form
    • The animal will breathe 98 percent nitrogen. Blood oxygen diminishes very quickly and the animal will very soon become unconscious. Because of the extreme oxygen deficiency (anoxia) the animal dies within 1 minutes. The animal will not regain consciousness and won’t notice that it dies.
    • Minimize gas consumption and costs by using minimal bubbles in an open space rather than a sealed space.
    • The nitrogen foam euthanasia system is not exposed during the process, so it minimized the occurrence of post-traumatic stress disorder to the worker.
  • Abroad case
  • Abroad case

    • Wageningen UR Livestock Research(Report 399, October 2010)
    •, 2014, 33(1), 303-310
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Purchasing procedures

  • Delivery is carried out directly from our head office, and perform basic operational tests on the installation site.
  • Before the equipment is delivered, pre-inspection in the installation site will be proceed (electricity, installation location, water supply, drainage, etc.).
  • We provide nationwide delivery as well as equipment 1 year warranty
  • We have product display hall in our main office