alkaline hydrolysis system

Greetings and company overview


Established in 1989, STI Co., Ltd. is a global small and medium-sized company that focuses on technology in the field of heat treatment such as optical fiber equipment, electric furnace, electric kiln as well as environmental business.
Our eco-friendly environmental business has developed and commercialized innovative technologies jointly with the National Institute of Animal Science in order to dispose infected animals such as avian influenza and foot-and-mouth disease.
We are a high-tech company that contributes to the development of the animal industry by producing equipment (such as carcass disposal apparatus, animal euthanasia system, human decontamination equipment and Pet funeral equipment) and supplying them to stock farms and veterinary clinics.

STI CO., LTD. CEO Taeil Seo

The Environmental Division of STI Co., Ltd. is conducting eco-friendly business, animal welfare business, resource development business, and quarantine business.

Through the correlation of each business, we will build a system that is capable of disposing and recycling animal carcass, as well as expanding our business areas such as animal welfare and quarantine business to enhancing the competitiveness of farms and improving their environment.

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